12th Graduation Ceremony at INES RUHENGERI

On Friday 19th march 2021, it was the day of 12th graduation ceremony at INES RUHENGERI . This ceremony was started by the Holy Mass which took place in main hall of INES RUHENGERI from 7h00 up to 8h30. This event was preceded by the sacrifice of Mass wich was led by His Lordship Bishop Vincent HAROLIMANA, the ordinary of Ruhengeri Diocese with other priests. In that Holy Mass different guests, Lectures of INES RUHENGERI and best performers in academic year were present.

At the beginning of the Holy Mass , His Lordship Bishop Vincent HAROLIMANA through his Homily, he greeted and wished a good day of Saint Joseph to the Christians and also he provided the historical background of that Saint where he said that he is a patron of Nazareth’s family and the patron of the church. Depanding on the life of saint Joseph ,His Lordship Bishop Vincent HAROLIMANA said that “when you be more concentrate to the God’s actions,God will also involves in your actions “ .

During the sacrifice of the Holy Mass, His Lordship Bishop Vincent HAROLIMANA gave the sacrament of confirmation to the 4 granduands who were prepared and accepted to that sacrement. At the end of theHoly Mass, the guild president of INES Ruhengeri Norbert NSHIMIYIMANA through his speech, he appreciated His Lordship Bishop Vincent HAROLIMANA , Vice Chancellor Father Fabien HAGENIMANA and Chaplain of INES RUHENGERI Father Pie NEMEYAMAHORO for their great care and advices that they provides to the students who study in INES RUHENGERI. At the end of his speech, he provided a gift to His Lordship Bishop and also to chaplain then His Lordship Bishop blessed the new students committee of INES- RUHENGERI Through his prayers. This new committee is directed by Marie Louise MUGUMYABANGA as the new guild president.

At the end of the Holy mass , The guests and best performers in academic year, they continue to follow the graduation ceremony as it was planed and also the most graduands attended online by T.V and website link shared. This year’s graduation ceremony is under the theme: “shifting from paper to product”.

Thank you !

Some of graduands are listening the speeches of their lectures

It was a great pleasure for their achievement

Sister M.Louise MUKANYANDWI from the congregation of "Saint Vincent de Paul de Lendelede" was present as a graduand

Mayor of Musanze district

Constantine UWIRAGIYE
Coordinator of Catholic community at INES-Ruhengeri